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Services - Bovard Studio

Bovard Studio recommends our exterior wood frames be made with South American plantation grown mahogany or the heartwood of Eastern White Pine. Both are 100-year exterior quality woods that with proper maintenance can last more than a century.

The client can choose the desired finish. For paint grade finishes, we recommend Sherwin-Williams Duration® Coating which lasts 25 to 30 years on new wood and only requires standard painting processes to refinish when required by time.

All of our framing systems incorporate Bovard Studio's Precision Flow® (Patent Pending) venting system designed to comply with the engineering studies showing the requirements as determined by the National Preservation Center's 1996 Protective Glazing Study for stained glass windows. For a summary, click here for Ron Bovard's Traditional Building magazine article, "Stained-Glass Protection: Ventilation Specifications for Protective Glazing".

Their conclusion is that more damage has been done to American stained glass windows from improperly designed protective covering than from all of the storm damage, fires and vandalism combined. Note: Standard screening has a short life expectancy. Bovard Studio's screening material is perforated metal designed to last a century or more. In addition, Bovard Studio designs and fabricates custom extrusions for specific project requirements.

Typical Wood Frame Diagram

Wood Frame Installation Detail Diagram